Recruitment of leaders and specialists within Life Science since 1997.


We are a properly qualified cooperative partner with extensive experience in recruitment. We have a proper understanding and knowledge of marketing, sales, research, medicine and technology. We are well versed in leadership and organisational issues specific to Life Science. We understand the importance of balancing the organisation’s expectations and objectives with the individual’s wishes and well-being.

Induction Programme


Give your new employee an excellent beginning in their new position. You only get one chance to make a first impression!


With a systematic and properly considered three-month plan, your new employee can get started and find their feet in their new role right from the outset. The induction programme should be planned before the employee’s first day at work.


At Haeger & Carlsson, we follow a properly thought-out strategy. It is based on years of experience in leading positions within the pharmaceutical industry and our knowledge of what it takes to be a successful and productive employee. We work with you to device a clear plan and help the employee with its implementation. The induction programme saves time for the organisation and gives your new employee the best possible start.

The Recruitment Process


As our client, you decide the degree of involvement you need from us. Together, we then create a recruitment solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


Successful recruitments take time; we are objective in our assessment and partner with you throughout the entire process. We remain in touch with both you and the candidate after the employment agreement has been signed, to allow follow-up.


A recruitment process at Haeger & Carlsson is concrete and effective and without lowering the standards of quality and knowledge.


Haeger & Carlsson has a systematic recruitment process and a well-developed interview technique. We are not afraid of bringing up difficult issues.


Our Process, Step-by-step:


  • Start-up meeting. Organization corporate culture, requirements profile, expectations, and compensation level. Timetable.
  • Search and screening via multisourcing.
  • Personal in-depth interviews with potential candidates
  • Selection of candidates based on values, experience, and competence.
  • Candidate presentation. CV and written summary.
  • Client interviews candidate. Possibly case presentation.
  • Personality- and capacity test of the final candidate.
  • Reference taking. If necessary, background check.
  • Employment. Agreement between the company and the final candidate.
  • Follow-up after six months.


Both employers and candidates receive feedback continuously during the entire recruitment process.

Flexible Recruitment


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. In general, we begin our discussions based on Haeger & Carlsson’s flexible recruitment. You choose the level of commitment you want from us:


  • Complete search process
  • Tailor-made search process
  • Assessment and testing
  • Background checks
  • Taking references
  • Induction programme
  • Coaching and guidance

Feel free to contact us for more information on our tailor-made recruitment solutions:


Rolf Carlsson, Senior Executive Search Consultant/Co-founder
+46 (0)70 – 316 12 68


Anna Wikman, Senior Recruitment Manager/Partner
+46 (0)73 – 539 33 87