Our team at Haeger & Carlsson

Rolf Carlsson

Managing Director of Haeger & Carlsson


MSc in Business and Management, Stockholm School of Economics


With more than 20 years of experience from leading Nordic positions in Life Science companies, his prior positions include head of marketing and managing director.


Rolf believes that development is a driver that includes individuals and organisations.


He is certified in several testing tools.

+ 46 (0)70 – 316 12 68


Gunilla Haeger

Founder of Haeger & Carlsson


Gunilla founded Haeger & Carlson (previously Haeger & Partner) in 1997.


She has extensive experience as a recruitment consultant within Life Science in the Nordic region.


She previously worked in the healthcare sector, within sales, marketing, information and clinical work.


Throughout her career, Gunilla has nurtured the ambition to place the individual at the centre: how groups are composed, which people are well suited to work with each other, and the reasons for this.

+46 (0)70 – 461 93 87


Håkan Petersson

Partner/ Senior Recruitment Consultant


Håkan has more than 20 years of experience in the life science industry. With an international scope, he has worked in management, sales, marketing and business development.


For the past five years, Håkan has been the CEO of Alteco Medical AB, a medical technology company based in Lund. Håkan has a broad international network within the life science industry.

+46 (0)70 – 632 00 43


Anna Wikman

Partner / Recruitment Manager


Anna is a registered Nurse and has spent the last 20 years working in the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors as a key account manager, a product specialist and a pharmaceutical sales representative.


“My work in recruitment allows me to stay in touch with Life Science, but from an entirely new perspective. I feel privileged to offer others the opportunity to find new a position and develop in a new environment”.

Cilla Gylfe

Partner / Senior Recruitment Consultant


Cilla has worked in the pharmaceutical industry since 1998 and has in the last 20 years worked in various senior positions. The last years Cilla has worked in the recruitment and consultning indystry regarding roles in sales and marketing, as well as medical and regulatory roles.

+46 (0)76 – 310 18 06


Anna Emterling

Senior Recruitment Consultant


Bachelor’s degree in Personnel, Work and Anna has a master´s degree in medical biology and more than 15 years of experioence in the Life Science industry. She has held a number of different commercial roles such as clinical sales specialist, inside sales manager and key account manager with focus on medical reserach and development, medical diagnostics and drug development.


“Being able to contribute to the development and improvement of individuals and organizations is a strong driving force for me. I value helping people to develop and find new opportunities and directions in their careers.”

Sara Carlsson

Recruitment assistent

Sara is the spider in the web that helps with everything from the administrative to research and marketing. She has previous experience in sales and service.

Fredrik Lundin

Fredrik Lundin

Head of Assessments


M.Sc. Organisational psychology


Fredrik has extensive experience of the Life Science sector, including previous positions as an HR director at Johnson & Johnson and at Pfizer, and he has an excellent understanding of the requirements of different operations and roles.


Fredrik Lundin has an MSc in organisational psychology and a BSc in behavioural science from Uppsala University. Fredrik has worked with Haeger & Carlsson since 2015 and with the assessment individuals since 1995.


Fredrik is a licensed user of Assessio’s ASCEND and Hogans and of Raven’s matrices, BKT and BasiQ.

+46 (0)70 – 626 01 01


Gabrielle Wreile

Marketing Coordinator

Gabrielle has broad experience in marketing, digitalisation and public relations and a bachelor degree in media and communication science.


She likes challenges and tries new strategies and techniques to continuously improve and lead the company forward in the digital world.

+46 (0)73 – 514 38 62