Fredrik Lundin

Head of Assessments


M.Sc. Organisational psychology


Fredrik has extensive experience of the Life Science sector, including previous positions as an HR director at Johnson & Johnson and at Pfizer, and he has an excellent understanding of the requirements of different operations and roles.


Fredrik Lundin has an MSc in organisational psychology and a BSc in behavioural science from Uppsala University. Fredrik has worked with Haeger & Carlsson since 2015 and with the assessment individuals since 1995.


Fredrik is a licensed user of Assessio’s ASCEND and Hogans and of Raven’s matrices, BKT and BasiQ.


Fredrik är licensierade användare av Assessios ASCEND och Hogans samt av Ravens matriser, BKT och BasiQ.

+46 (0)70 – 626 01 01


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