Leadership Training & Organisational Development


Based on the requirements of your organisation, we develop a strategy and a structure to create the best possible conditions for success.


As a strategic partner in your organisational change process, we contribute knowledge, understanding, inspiration and methods to drive a successful change process. We clarify the management team’s assignment and objectives and create efficient cooperation within the group, making use of the different perspectives, skills and experiences of the individuals.

We see two regularly recurring requirements in organisations:

A. How do I ensure that a change is sustainable and that our organisational development is for real?


With us as your strategic partner in the change process, you get:


  • Change management. knowledge and understanding of the strategies that cause sustainability, commitment and improved performance in your organisation;

  • Inspiration to manage change, resulting in tangible results for all affected stakeholders;

  • Structures, methods, knowledge and an appreciative approach, leading to lasting behavioural change in your organisation.

B. How do I take my management team to the next level?


The management team is the hub in the organisation’s development and stability. If the hub is out of balance, it affects the entire organisation.


We make management teams more cohesive by focusing on the areas that are key to successful management. In our assignments, we have noticed three regularly recurring areas of development:


Business focus. Is there a joint platform for the management team’s work? We clarify the assignments and objectives of the management team.


Effective cooperation. Achieve effective cooperation in the team by strengthening trust and making use of the different perspectives, skills and experiences of the individuals.


Identification of a purpose and a clear contribution. What does the management want to achieve? Not merely in financial terms, but from a more holistic standpoint. What is the purpose of the organisation? What does it contribute? What kind of corporate culture is required to achieve this?


When these factors have been determined, the management team must focus on the vision and cooperate to advance it.


To assist us in this work, we use Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT), a cultural diagnostics and evaluation tool from Barret Values Centre.

Individual Development


We use coaching to help you define what is important, set objectives and carry out what you need to do to reach the desired objectives. We know from experience that coaching also energises and motivates. Our coaching approach adheres to a basic structure that in our experience provides results.

For questions, please contact:


Rolf Carlsson, Senior Executive Search Consultant/Co-founder

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