When you have a temporary need of a person with specific skills who can begin very soon.


Many reasons may give rise to a need for special skills, such as during maternity leave, organisational changes or other vacancies. Regardless of the reason and the length of the assignment, Haeger & Carlsson can find someone quickly with skills you need, without compromising on your standards of quality.



One of the many advantages of engaging an interim agency is it’s cost-effectiveness; you only pay for the hours you actually need. It is also the most flexible resource solution, as you only hire the temporary worker as an when needed – when activity hits a peak or to fill a vacancy. Perhaps you are interested in trying out an employee with a specific skill at your company. Hiring a temporary worker be a great option for an employer that seeks to keep fixed costs down.

Time Saving


Recruitment can be a time-consuming process. We prepare a requirement profile, write an advertisement, carry out interviews and make lots of decisions along the way. With our assistance, you remain free to focus on your operations. It is not easy to find the right employee, especially in today’s labour market, where competition for qualified employees is stronger than ever. With 20 years of experience in recruitment, we help you identify future candidates and minimise poor recruitments by using our structured and skills-based recruitment process.



Haeger and Carlsson takes care of all HR issues and assists you with matters such as payroll administration, coaching and follow-up with the consultant.


We also take care of all social security contributions, insurances, pensions, sick pay and holiday pay.


As our client, you only pay for the hours you actually hire the temporary worker.

Our Process, Step-by-step


  • A requirement profile is prepared with the client: organisation, corporate culture, opportunities and limitations, personality and other specific requirements. A time plan is also devised.
  • The search process is initiated through multiscoring.
  • Interviews are held with potential candidates.
  • Consultants are presented to the client.
  • References are taken.
  • We follow up regularly during the entire period when you use the temporary worker.


Both employers and candidates receive continuous feedback during the entire process.

Feel free to contact us for more information on our tailor-made interim solutions:


Cilla Gylfe, Head of Interim/ CEO Denmark/ Partner

+46 (0)76 – 310 18 06