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Executive Search in Life Science


The need of highly qualified leaders who drive the company forward is a success factor for every organisation. Specific professional experience, high integrity and excellent communication skills are also required. As an executive search company specialised in life science, Haeger & Carlsson has many years of experience in finding exceptional candidates for board and management positions. We make sustainable recruitments with a long-term perspective, ensuring a perfect match between the candidate and the company. This approach contributes to the sustainable success of our clients’ businesses.

Our expertise


We have many years of experience in the recruitment of board members for public and private companies in the Pharma, Biotech and Medtech industries throughout the Nordic region. Those of us who work at Haeger & Carlsson have cutting-edge expertise in Life Science. We have held leading positions, such as a CEO or a board member, in Pharma, Biotech and Medtech. Therefore, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing our clients and know what it takes to succeed in each specific position. In the more than 20 years that have passed since our inception, we have established an extensive and solid network, allowing us to reach numerous relevant and skilled candidates.

” We have truly appreciated working with Haeger & Carlsson. You have shown dedication and acquainted yourselves with our company, who we are, what we stand for and what we are looking for. You work independently and with great knowledge, which means that you provide considerable relief and are a good adviser to us. In tricky situations, you reason with great insight and generously share your experience. And, of course, you never give up until the right candidate has been found.”


– Camilla Huse Bondesson, Chairman of the board, Immuneed and board member of several Life Science companies

Our Executive Search process


All our clients have in common that they are not only looking for highly skilled employees, but also for people who fit well into the company’s culture and the given situation. Our unique skills-based recruitment process helps us identify the right candidates for your company.

Throughout our executive search process, we always strive to make a sustainable recruitment with a long-term perspective. We analyse your corporate structure and culture as well as your requirements and expectations for the position, which allows us to introduce you to the ideal candidate. We also carry out assessments and background checks and take references on the final candidate. Our cooperation does not end when an agreement has been signed with the candidate; we keep working with you continuously to evaluate the result.

Our most recent Life Science Executive recruitments


Biotech/CDO in Stockholm

a public research company in oncology/immunoncology

Board recruitment

A listed immune-oncology company


Pharma company in Oslo

A public research company in immuno-oncology


Medtech in Denmark/Germany

A public research company with global ambitions


CRO in Uppsala

A services provider in immunology

Nordic Country Manager

An affiliate to a US-based Biotech company

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Current assignments (SV)

Haeger & Carlsson is one of the Nordic region´s leading Executive Search companies. Here you can find all of our current assignments that we have right now.

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Our team

We have excellence expertise as we ourselves have worked in leading positions in Life Science and understand the challenges that leaders face in everyday life.

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